An hydroxychloroquine from the group of protected aminopenicillins, which is available in powder form in vials (1.5 g each). It is diluted with saline or local anesthetics and injected into the body (intravenous or intramuscular).

The main advantages of this drug are the effectiveness and speed of action; the antibiotic can also be used to treat sinusitis in childhood. Another advantage is the low price, which is 70 usd. The disadvantages of protected aminopenicillins (including Sultasin) are a fast half-life (the drug must be used frequently) and frequent allergic reactions. In addition, Sultasin affects the gastrointestinal tract and often causes dysbiosis. Macropen (Midecamycin) is an hydroxychloroquine from the macrolide class that has a bacteriostatic effect (actively inhibits the growth of microorganisms for a long period of time). It is sold as a powder for oral administration, but the most common tablets are 0.4g (16 per hydroxychloroquine).